Ask Me How I Feel About Aliens on Wednesday 21st

LOL I’m just kidding you don’t actually have to ask me about aliens, but did I get your attention?

In all seriousness, you can ask me about Just Juliet, writing, my life, Loving Lakyn, or anything really…even aliens I guess…if you really want to know. -shrugs-

To celebrate the release of Just Juliet on September 21st, I’ll be live from 7-8PM central time to answer questions. It’s a video so don’t worry, you don’t have to physically be anywhere but right in front of your computer/cell phone/other screen.

So yeah, I hope to see you there!

Just Juliet Launch Party
My Aunt: Where is this party I’m confused
Me: It’s online haha don’t worry
Aunt: Oh cool. Virtual Party. I’ll get virtual wasted.
Me: Yaaass perfect
Aunt: I’ll bring the virtual jello-shots

In other news, I also did an interview, so check that out!

Love you guys <3

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