Loving Lakyn: Book Club Questions

+ What part of the book stood out the most for you? Why do you think it did?

+ What questions did you have from Just Juliet that Loving Lakyn answered?

+ Do your views about Mr. James’ parenting style in Just Juliet change with the background that Loving Lakyn provided? Why or why not?

+ Do you feel as if Mr. James made the right decisions as a parent? What would you have done differently?

+  If you could read the book from another character’s pov, who would you choose?

+ What parts of the story could you most relate to?

+ What are your opinions of the characters? Did they change between Just Juliet and Loving Lakyn? Do you feel as if you understand them more or less?

+ Did the book change or alter your thoughts on mental illness or therapy?

+ Do you feel as if the book accurately explored the topics of mental illness and substance abuse in teens?

+ What do you think it was about Dr. Hoar that made Lakyn open up to her?

+ What did you think about the way Scott came out? Were you surprised?

+ Did you know there were gay penguins?

+ What is the significance of the title?

+ What surprised you most about the book?

+ What disappointed you the most?

+ Did you agree with Scott’s decision to go home after being kicked out the way he was?

+ How did the tone of the book change from beginning to end?

+ How did the characters change by the end?

+  How have you changed by the end of the story?

+ What did you learn or take away from the book?

+ Did you enjoy the ending? How do you think it could have ended differently?

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