About the Author

Charlotte Reagan is a young author in her 20s, a cis female whose identity lies on the ace spectrum. She was born and raised in a small town in Texas where her graduating class had a whopping 17 people in it. She attended college and left with an Associates degree to pursue her passion in writing. Her dream spanned from a 4th grade project called Squiggles to her first published book, Just Juliet, in 2016.

Her books focus primarily on the LGBTQIA community and she is always happy to attend Pride Events or book signings when invited. Otherwise she can be found in her bedroom binging Netflix with her cat, or possibly off traveling somewhere writing something new.

She loves Harry Potter, Dungeons & Dragons, and pancakes.

You can by her books, both paperback and ebook (as well as the audiobook of JJ) on Amazon and B&N. Links can be found on the home page.

To read them chronologically by plot, Loving Lakyn is first followed by Just Juliet.

To read them as they were published, Just Juliet is first as Loving Lakyn was a prequel.