About the Author

Charlotte Reagan is a young author in her 20s. She was born and raised in a small town in Texas and although she no longer resides there, she hasn’t yet left the state. She’s been writing all her life, from a 4th grade project called Squiggles to her first published book in 2016, Just Juliet.

She intends to focus primarily on the LGBTQIA community with her books and is always happy to attend Pride Events  or book signings. If you can’t find her locked away in her room with her cat binging Netflix, then she’s probably off traveling somewhere with her laptop.

She loves Harry Potter, Dungeons & Dragons, and Chocolate Chip Cookies.

You can by her books, both paperback and ebook, on Amazon, B&N Online, Book Bub, and her publishers website Inkitt. The audio book of Just Juliet is available on Audible.

To read them chronologically, Loving Lakyn is first followed by Just Juliet.

To read them as they were published, Just Juliet is first as Loving Lakyn was a prequel.