Just Juliet Book Club Questions

+ How do you think you would react if you were in Lena’s shoes when she first met Scott and his boyfriend?

+ Do you agree or disagree with Mr. James’ decision to let Lena spend the night with Juliet? What would you handle differently?

+ What are your views on the fact that Mr. James lets Scott stay with Lakyn? Do these views change from the beginning of the book to the end?

+ Have you ever felt the way Lena does about Juliet for someone?

+ Do you think the teenagers accurately represent kids of their same age in this time?

+ How do you think the parents’ reaction to their children being gay affected their relationship? How do you think Lakyn’s parents’ rejection affected his personality, or Scott’s parents’ refusal affected his?

+ If you’re LGBT+, have you ever had a friend react to your coming out the way Lacey did? How did you feel about it?

+ Are you the Token Heterosexual to anyone? How did you react to someone coming out to you? Would you do it differently now?

+ Have you ever had a nightmare like the one Lena has about her grandfather in chapter ten?

+ Have you ever had a secret like Lena’s? Was it hard to tell people about?

+ How would you react if you child came out as LGBT? What if you happened to just find out, like Scott’s parents did?

+ Do you understand Kiki’s reaction to the news? Do you agree with Lena’s decision to continue their friendship, despite their differences?

+ Do you agree with Juliet and Lena’s decision to break up? Or do you think they should have figured something else out?

+ Do you think things would have been different if Juliet had told Lena she was leaving?

+ What is the significance of the title?

+ Do you feel the themes of the book were adequately explored?

+ What scene meant the most to you? Why?

+ What surprised you most about the book?

+ Were there any particularly quotes that stood out to you? Why?

+ If you could smack any of the characters upside the head, who would it be? Why?

+ Were there moments when you disagreed with the choices the characters made? What would you have done instead?

+ Did you like the ending? If not where do you think it should have ended / what would you do differently?

+ How have the characters changed by the end of the story?

+ How have you changed by the end of the story?

+ What did you learn or take away from the book?

+ What do you think will happen next to the main characters?