Loving Lakyn Trigger Warnings

I promise this book isn’t as dark as it seems – Lakyn’s story is ultimately about hope and healing, and he does end up okay. But he did have a rough time of it for awhile, so there are parts of this book that I think deserve a little warning for anyone who has struggled like he has.

The first half of this post is a short overview, the second half is a much more detailed, chapter by chapter, list.

If I don’t list something that you find while reading, please let me know in the comments and I will add it. Lakyn would want you to take care of yourselves, so know your limits <3


Note: I didn’t think consensual sex needed a TW, but people have been surprised that it wasn’t mentioned, so this is your official notice that yes, there are sex scenes between two 16yo’s in this book.


Trigger Warnings Overview
Suicidal Ideation
Self Depreciating Thoughts
Descriptions of an Attempted Suicide Scene (after the fact)
Mentions of Past Child Abuse (neglectful & physical)
Underage Substance Abuse (marijuana, alcohol, & pills that induce euphoria)
Descriptions of Self Harm (cutting) and Blood
Mentions of a Deceased Parent
Brief uses of Homophobic Language
Descriptions of Disassociation
Descriptions of Anxiety
Brief Allusions of Bullying













Trigger Warning’s By Chapter

Suicide aftermath (being in a hospital), suicidal ideation, brief mention of self harm, mentions of neglectful and physically abusive parenting, descriptions of blood from a suicide attempt (wrist cutting), allusions to self harm, mentions of a dying parent, brief marijuana use.

Mentions of self-harm, mentions of drug use (marijuana), mentions of nightmares, suicidal ideation.

Suicidal ideation, brief description of abusive parenting, self harm scars, a cutting scene.

Suicidal Ideation, brief mention of self harm, scars.

Brief mentions of drug use (marijuana), mentions of anxiety and disassociation, brief cutting scene, alcohol use by minors, descriptions of a panic attack.

Slight suicidal ideation, brief mentions of physically abusive parents, fighting scene, brief homophobic language.

Scars, conversations about self harm.

Drug use (unknown substance by a side character, and marijuana).

Self depreciating thoughts, brief cutting scene, brief homophobic language.

Discussion of suicide, scars, very brief cutting scene.

Descriptions of a nightmare, dissociation, brief homophobic language, drug use (marijuana).

Brief homophobic language, drug abuse (unknown pills that induce euphoria), very brief mention of disassociation and nightmares, self harm, self depreciating thoughts.

Casual mention of a past suicide attempt, mention of drug withdrawals.

A girl hitting her ‘boyfriend’ in an abusive manner.

Brief mentions of neglectful parents.

Mentions of abusive parents, anxiety, homophobic language and parenting.

No known triggers.

Descriptions of abusive parents, scars, mentions of anxiety, mentions of past self harm.

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